Echo - Jack McDevitt The best Alex Benedict book yet, as pure curiousity leads Chase and Alex into a mystery that some don't want solved - the mystery of what happened on a tour to an unknown solar system 28 years ago, and why are some people willing to kill to keep it quiet.

Chase and Alex continue their now-typical investigative style, shooting around the galaxy trying to find evidence that is in suspiciously short supply. Chase continues to deal with her ambiguous feelings towards Alex and the work they do, resulting this time in their parting ways for a time. In the end however, her conscience wont allow her to walk away without learning the full truth as like Alex, this time she is unable to deal with not knowing.

This book does see some, albeit small, changes in personal circumstances for the characters. If the characters in this series have any real flaw it is that they tend to remain static from book to book. In this one, Chase in particular goes through a personal crisis of faith, but in the end nothing really changes for her.

As always, where McDevitt shines is the quality of his overall narrative. Once again we have an excellent story, well told and well written, with likeable characters and a satisifying epilogue.