Field of Dishonor

Field of Dishonor - David Weber Over the last three novels we've had the opportunity to see Honor Harrington grow into her commands and thrive under pressure. She is a hero to the common people, the first ever female Steadholder on Grayson and only living recipient of that planet's highest decoration. She has been promoted to the house of lords and received her monarchs personal thanks on four separate occasions over as many years.

Honor has risen through the ranks meteorically on the back of her ability, determination and steadfast dedication to duty. In return, she has Manticore's thanks, command of the most prestigious battlecruiser in the fleet, and someone to share her life with.

She has enemies too however, and they have not forgotten the damage she has done to them simply by being who she is. In Field of Dishonor, they will take everything that Honor holds dear from her, and leave her with no choice; away from the front-line at last but drawn into a conflict that, for her, has no silver lining. Even a victory will cost everything, failure will cost her life.