A Cook's Tour - In Search of the Perfect Meal

A Cook's Tour - In Search of the Perfect Meal - Anthony Bourdain If you've never heard of Anthony Bourdain, never read any of his books, never watched any of his tv shows, and you are a fan of food, you owe it to yourself to acquaint yourself with him - and this book is an excellent introduction.

The audiobook was narrated by Bourdain himself and is a perfect introduction to the man, his philosophies on food, and a wide range of food of the world. Everything about his philosophy, from his willingness to face where our food comes from despite his own qualms, his willingness to try just about anything, and his deep insight in to what makes the entire experience of food and dining special struck me at a very deep personal level.

It isn't too much to say that in the culinary world, Bourdain is a giant. My culinary hero and a voice of sanity in to a world of extreme opinions.