The Developer's Code: What Real Programmers Do

The Developer's Code: What Real Programmers Do - Ka Wai Cheung, Brian P. Hogan This was not so much a book as a collection of essays that meander through a whole raft of topics relevant to modern professional development. Along the way, Cheung explains his thoughts on topics as varied as Client Relations, Code Generation, The Dreyfus Model of Skills Acquisition as it applies to teaching programming, "Off-Time" and a lot more.

On the whole it is an entertaining and lightly inspiring read, the sort of book that can help us to remember what we loved so much about this industry in the first place when it's all too easy to lose sight of it. Cheung's straight-forward opinions, amusing turns of phrase and metaphor, and solid ideas make for a worthwhile read for both new developers, and those who have lived through the trenches for many years.