IBM and the Holocaust

IBM and the Holocaust - Edwin Black Whilst at time dry due to the author quoting (important) numbers and statistics, this book is an unparalleled look at the entire second world war from a previously unexplored point of view - that of Thomas J. Watson and his company, IBM.

Watson wore many hats over the course of the war - Industrialist, Peace Activist, War-monger, Decorated Nazi hero, American Patriot and, potentially, un-charged war criminal. His company, under his careful and precise micro management, provided the technology, training and resources to orchestrate not only the holocaust itself, but the entire war and occupation efforts. Whilst the Nazi's certainly would have oppressed, tortured and killed without his help, it soon becomes obvious that without IBM technology, genocide on such a scale as Hitler wished would never have been possible.

This was a terrifying and deplorable tale of greed and capitalism taken to its logical conclusion; raking in enormous profits over the bodies of the dead, whilst beating whatever drum the public wanted to hear to keep themselves separate and apart from the many other companies who eventually had to stand trial for the crimes they committed.