Flag in Exile

Flag in Exile  - David Weber In a Sentence: Honor, sidelined from her own navy in disgrace for dueling and killing a peer of the realm, retreats to her adopted world of Grayson to find that there are just as many dangerous enemies waiting for her there.

Recommended: To anyone who has loved the series so far.

Review: Throughout this series Grayson has grown from what could easily have been a simple two-dimensional society of patriarchal sexists to a fully realised participant in the series universe. This book gives Weber a chance to delve deeply into the conspiricies rooted on that planet who wish to see the clock turned back and the progressiveness that Honor has become a symbol of rejected and destroyed.

This book includes some excellent political sequences, though action-lovers will not be disappointed. The finale leaves us with Honor once again facing her enemy down in person, this time with sword in hand.

Series Info: The Honor Harrington Series (as of Sept 2011)
1. On Basilisk Station
2. The Honor of the Queen
3. The Short Victorious War
4. Field of Dishonor
5. Flag in Exile
6. Honor Among Enemies
7. In Enemy Hands
8. Echoes of Honor
9. Ashes of Victory
10. War of Honor
11. At All Costs
12. Mission of Honor