Marque and Reprisal

Marque and Reprisal - Elizabeth Moon, Cynthia Holloway Marque and Reprisal, the second book in the Vatta's war series, is where the overarching conspiricy gets kicked into high-gear, once again with Kylara in the middle of it. A combined, interstellar attack on the ansible communications platforms and the entire Vatta family leaves ships exploding in dock and the family headquarters in ruins, with most of the executive dead. Kylara herself is once again forced to deal with pirate attacks, mercenaries, an disgraced cousin, the loss of her family and a strange package from an old friend at space-force.

Teaming up with her cousin Stella, Kylara once again has to show why she is more than a simple trading captain, and it will fall to her to carry on the family name.

This book is full of all the action and intrigue you would expect from the first book, but amplified and shot up with combat drugs. It is a great continuation of the series.