Trading in Danger

Trading in Danger - Elizabeth Moon, Cynthia Holloway I started listening to this book simply because I wanted something light and space-opera'y to listen to while I worked, that wasn't going to be too distracting. That's not what I got, but I wasn't at all disappointed!

This, the first book in the Vatta's War series, tells the story of Kylara Vatta, a young scion of the famous Vatta Trading House and disgraced space-force military cadet. Robbed of her dreams of the military life, Kylara accepts a position as captain aboard a small family trade vessel scheduled for the scrap yard and takes off on her first voyage, and this ship's last.

She has a well-trained and experienced crew to keep her out of trouble and safe and a milk-run for her first voyage, however an opportunity for more profit leads her to stray off course and straight into the middle of a war. The fast paced action takes us from decision to decision as Kylara tangles with mercenaries, pirates and ICS - the interstellar communications monopoly who responds to any challenge with an iron fist. In the meantime, behind the scenes, events are set in motion that will change Kylara, Vatta Trading, and the known universe forever.

A highly entertaining a recommended story.