Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - Seth Grahame-Smith I'm one of those strange creatures who enjoys both a well-written character novel, such as the incredibly well-written Jane Austin novel Pride & Prejudice, and also zombies. The idea of Pride and Prejudice taking place against a backdrop of the Zombocolypse had a few of us absolutely staggered by the possibilities it lay for further characterization and adaption.

What we got instead was a trite piece of adolescent rubbish that wasn't worth the rather nice paper it was printed on. The single thing that made Pride and Prejudice the classic that it is was the characterization and the author of this, and I hesitate the use the word, book, not only changes the characters entirely (in itself no crime) but changes them in such a way as to ensure they make absolutely no sense, the story is itself derailed and contradictory, and the whole thing feels like a giant schoolboy prank.

There was a great deal of potential here for an intelligently written resetting of this classic romance in a rather more stressful situation. What we got was painful to read and took sheer willpower just to get to the end.

I'm reasonably certain that when I put down the book for the last (and I mean -last-) time, I was far stupider than when I picked it up.