The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells

The Craft of Writing Science Fiction That Sells - Ben Bova I find myself somewhat irritated throughout this book by the constant proscription. Throughout the entire book Ben Bova is saying "this is the way it is done, this is why, do not do it any other way. Ever."

I always find that this attitude is somewhat limiting and always, I repeat always, guaranteed to get me offside. Because of this, I got a lot less out of the book than I could have.

That aside, Ben Bova is certainly in a good position to make the claims that he does; he is a successful and talented writer, experienced editor and married to a literary agent. He has had the opportunity to closely examine every part of the industry and if you can get past the preachy attitude, he has a lot of excellent advice to give anyone interested in writing science fiction (or writing at all).

I would heartily recommend this book to aspiring writers, but like all books of advice, take with salt.